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Torch Relay

The torch relay is the preliminary promotion to maximize publicity and to stimulate public participation. It’s also designed to promote the culture of Taipei and demonstrate to public.


The torch relay comprises two main parts, including domestic and overseas relay. We will start from overseas relay. The first stop is the Torch Lighting Ceremony in Europe, where we will light up the torch of 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade. Then torch relay will pass through another European city and two other Asian cities. Afterwards, for domestic torch relay, we will pass through Yushan, the highest mountain in Taiwan, and then all the 22 counties and cities in Taiwan. The final stop will come back to Taipei city, and then the torch will light up in Taipei Stadium during the opening ceremony of Taipei Summer Universiade on Saturday Aug 19th, 2017.


The routes for overseas and domestic torch relay have been planned and will be revealed soon. Also, the design of the torch and the uniform of torchbearers have been completed and are currently under production. We look forward to your participation in the torch relay. Please stay tuned for more information.